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OGI Eyewear: Response to COVID-19

Updated: May 5, 2020

Dear OGI Eyewear Partners,

These are unprecedented times, as together we have been impacted simultaneously by the global pandemic and the resulting effects on our businesses and personal lives. We have seen such resilience and camaraderie during this time and acknowledge just how difficult this must be for individuals in our Industry, trying to navigate a go-forward strategy each day and set the course for the future.

We wanted to reach out and say that we hear you, we see the amazing efforts you have gone through in the last couple of months and are here for you if you need anything. What we know is that this challenge has changed the playbook that guides us through normal times. Many of the basic rules and principles of business as usual have gone out the door. We understand that in this disruptive time we have to be more flexible, more innovative and uniquely serve our customers to stay connected and engaged. This is our commitment to you and the steps we have taken, that are in place right now at OGI Eyewear, to be more dynamic and a responsive partner:

  1. We are open to serve you with full support on the customer service lines. The human to human touch is essential during this time and we are here for you.

  2. Orders will be fulfilled and shipped in the timely and responsive manner that you have trusted us to deliver in the past. We have taken all precautions to keep our Team safe and follow all guidelines to help prevent the unnecessary spread of COVID-19.

  3. The Optical Foundry Expo, a virtual digital trade show was created to keep our customers connected to the Fashion Trends and style direction for this season. ( Additionally, the site offers opportunities for our partners to take CE credited courses and view real time webinars.

  4. Our Sales Team will be trained in all facets of health and safety protocols for Customer visits and equipped with personal protective equipment, UV frame sanitizers and virtual frame presentations to enhance the meetings, promote healthy person to person interactions and ensure safety for you and your patients.

  5. Our Marketing Team is available to support you with digital lookbooks, digital catalogs, campaign imagery and other assets to augment your online dialog with your Patients and customers.

We thank you for your Partnership and we will get through this together and be stronger when this is all over. A crisis like this sometimes helps us realize why we are so passionate about this Industry and so committed to our Patients and Customers. It makes us fight harder to be better and serve you in a way that is relevant to your needs. Please let us know how we can help and know that we are here for you when you are ready.

The OGI Eyewear Team

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